CCG Governing Body

The Governing Body has responsibility for ensuring that the Clinical Commissioning Group has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically and in accordance with the Clinical Commissioning Group’s principles of good governance (its main function).

The Governing Body is clinically led with Dr Hugh Porter taking the role of CCG Clinical Lead and Chair of the Governing Body. The Governing Body is composed of members from our constituent practices who have been selected and elected through a formal process, along with five independent members who include three lay members and independent clinical expertise from a registered nurse and secondary care doctor. The Governing Body may also co-opt observers and attendees with speaking rights to attend meetings as required.

The Governing Body is supported by a Committee Structure who report on a regular basis to the Governing Body.

NHS Nottingham City CCG Governing Body and reporting Committees adhere to the Standards for members of NHS boards and Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies in England (November 2013). Signed Standards Forms are published for Governing Body Members and for Committee Members.

The Standards bring together the essential skills that are expected of all executive and non-executive leaders in terms of personal behaviour, technical competence and business practices and are based on seven core values: responsibility, honesty, openness, respect, professionalism, leadership and integrity.  The Standards challenge people to take responsibility for their own behaviour, to challenge the behaviour of others, and to recognise and resolve conflicts of interest.

Nottingham City CCG maintains and publishes a Register of Interests, Register of Gifts, Hospitality & Sponsorship and a Register of Procurement Decisions in line with statutory guidance and the CCG’s own policies. All individuals within the CCG (including employees, appointees and temporary staff) must declare any conflict or potential conflict of interest in the capacity of their role with the CCG. The Register of Interests)is updated on a quarterly basis and the Register of Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship is updated on a monthly basis. CCG Governing Body members and members of all sub-committees are also asked to declare any conflicts of interest with regard to agenda items each time they meet. These declarations are recorded in the minutes of the meeting, along with how any declared interest was managed in the meeting. An interest declared in a meeting will be added to the Register of Interests, if not already recorded on it.

In line with NHS England statutory guidance, the CCG also requests information from our Member Practices on potential conflicts of interest in their role as both members of the CCG and providers of healthcare services.  The information gathered is recorded in a seperate Register of Interests (Member Practices), which is updated and published every six months.  As well as maintaining and publishing the Register, we require representatives of Member Practices to declare any relevant interests when they attend meetings to carry out CCG business.  All declarations declared during meetings are recorded in the minutes of the meeting along with how any declared interest was managed in the meeting. An interest declared in a meeting will be added to the Register of Interests, if not already recorded on it.

Any individual who wishes to raise a query or concern in relation to conflicts of interest may do so in accordance with the CCG's Conflicts of Interests Policy by email to either the Director of Corporate Development (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and/ or the CCG Conflicts of Interest Guardian (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or by post marked 'Strictly Private & Confidential' and addressed to either of these individuals at 1 Standard Court, Park Row, Nottingham, NG1 6GN.  Further information on the roles of these individuals in relation to the management of conflicts of interest can be found within the CCG Conflicts of Interest Policy.


The following people are full members of the CCG Governing Body with speaking and voting rights:


 Dr Hugh Porter - Chair, Clinical Lead and GP Cluster Lead (UNICOM)

Hugh Porter

Hugh Porter qualified from Leicester in 1987. He completed his General Practice training in Nottingham before working in Australia. He became a GP partner at the University of Nottingham Health Service in 1993, where he continues to practice. Hugh has a personal interest in travel medicine, gaining an MSc in the subject in 1999. In 2009 he completed an MBA and in 2011 was elected Chair and Clinical Leader of the CCG. His executive portfolio includes being clinical lead for the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust contract and Emergency Care. Hugh is Chair of the UNICOM Cluster Board.

 Sam Walters - Accountable Officer for Greater Nottingham

 Sam Walters

 Sam, a qualified physicist, joined the NHS in 1992 from the private sector. During her career, Sam has held positions in a wide range of disciplines including finance, governance, public health and primary care commissioning as well as senior roles managing community services and leading one of the country’s largest cancer networks. In her previous role as Executive Director of Strategy and Governance for Nottingham City Primary Care Trust, Sam championed a broad remit, including strategic planning, governance, and safety, with her particular passions being patient engagement, quality and equality. Now the Accountable Officer for Greater Nottingham, Sam is committed to working with local people to design health services for local people. She applies her knowledge, expertise and vision to help deliver innovative health solutions to our local communities. Her overriding passion is to gather patient experience and stories and use them to make positive changes to the NHS. Sam is also a keen outdoors enthusiast, enjoying climbing, hiking, skiing, windsurfing, running and indulging in the occasional extreme obstacle course race.

 Gary Thompson - Chief Operating Officer for Greater Nottingham

 Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson joined NHS Nottingham City CCG following a role as Chief Officer at NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG. He previously held a number of clinical and lecturing posts in primary and secondary care before moving into a managerial role, with the establishment of clinical commissioning groups. He has held national roles in the NHS in England and NHS Scotland.

Gary has also held senior management posts in Primary Care Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities and national organisations. Gary joined Welland CCG as Chief Operating Officer in 2011 before being appointed as Accountable Officer for NHS South Lincolnshire CCG, which he left to join NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG.

Jonathan Bemrose - Greater Nottingham Chief Finance Officer


 Jonathan qualified as an accountant in 1994 and has over 20 years’ experience of working within health and local authority finance, particularly in social care. His previous roles include; Director of Resources for Nottingham CityCare Partnership where he was responsible for finance, workforce, training, organisational development, support services, estates and IT, Finance Manager at Nottingham Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) which provided him with additional business exposure and experience and Deputy Director of Finance for NHS Nottingham City Primary Care Trust.

 Dr Marcus Bicknell - GP Cluster Lead (Norcomm)

Marcus Bicknell

Marcus Bicknell has been a partner at the Beechdale Surgery for 14 years and is actively involved with the British Medical Association and Local Medical Committee. He specialises in treating drug and alcohol users, offenders and the mentally ill. He is the General Practitioners Committee prison GP rep and Secure Environment Group Chair for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Marcus studied medicine and completed his GP training in Nottingham and went on to work as a salaried GP with homeless patients. His executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead for mental health and learning disability services commissioned from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. Marcus is Chair of the Norcomm Cluster Board.

Dr Margaret Abbott - GP Cluster Lead (Robin Hood)

Margaret Abbot

Margaret has been a GP at the Windmill practice in Sneinton since 1988. The practice is particularly concerned with addressing the health needs of the most vulnerable in the community and has developed services in particular for people who are homeless, who have substance misuse problems, or who are migrants. Margaret has been involved in clinical commissioning since 2011 and leads on the development of the CCG’s practice visit programme where GPs visit their peers to engage them in what commissioning involves and how they can ensure that patients receive appropriate, high quality and cost effective services as close as possible to their home.

Dr Arun Tangri - GP Cluster Lead (City Central)

Arun Tangri

Arun Tangri is a GP at the Riverlyn Medical Centre in Bulwell, where he has practised for 22 years, and is Vice-Chair of the Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee. Arun is keen to address local inequalities and improve health outcomes and is involved in improving integrated services for care homes and developing stronger intermediate care services to provide earlier hospital discharge and care closer to home. Arun’s executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead for community services provided by Nottingham CityCare Partnership. Arun is Chair of the City Central Cluster Board.

 Tim Woods - Lay Member (Deputy Chair and Governance Lead)

Tim Woods

Tim Woods, now retired, is an experienced NHS director with 35 years of service, 23 of them as a director of finance. He has advised NHS boards on financial matters and implications, playing a full board role at acute hospitals, mental health services and most recently as the Chief Finance Officer of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG. Tim enjoys working with colleagues to make the best decisions for services within the available resources, both financial and non-financial ones. He lives locally and understands the diverse nature and differing health needs of the City population. He chairs the Audit Committee and is a member of the Risk and Performance Committee and also the Remuneration Committee. Tim also acts, on an occasional basis, as a specialist advisor for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which assesses and licenses NHS providers in respect of the quality of their services. 


Sharon Robson - Independent Nurse


Sharon Robson was appointed to the CCG Governing Body from 1 May 2017. Sharon is qualified nurse with extensive clinical experience both within hospital and community care settings. Most recently Sharon has held the senior and executive nurse posts within Leicestershire Primary Care Trust, NHS England and South West Lincolnshire CCG.

Sue Clague - Lay Member (Planning and Performance Lead)

Sue Clague

Sue Clague is an experienced director with a background which includes senior roles in the UK, the US and Continental Europe and managing director posts at Courtaulds and Pretty Polly. Highly motivated and commercially focused, Sue has a proven track record of successfully driving organisational change and of creating and delivering business strategies which resulted in sustained improvements. She continues to work in the textile sector as a Commercial Business Advisor at a strategic and implementation level, is a Governor on the board of New College Nottingham and has continued involvement with a number of other public and voluntary sector roles. Sue is a member of the Risk and Performance Committee and the Audit Committee.

Dr Adedeji Okubadejo - Independent Secondary Care Doctor

Adedeji Okubadego

Dr Okubadejo is a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management and the clinical director for this specialty at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, where he has worked since 2002. In addition to his consultant and clinical director roles, Adedeji also took on the role of associate medical director at the Trust in 2013, which includes responsibility for medical appraisal, revalidation, clinical outcomes and medical job planning. He is also the Trust’s Caldicott Guardian.

 Vacancy - Lay Member (Patient and Public Involvement and Equalities Lead)



 Dr Alastair McLachlan - Corporate Medical Lead

Alastair McLachlan
Alastair McLachlan has been a GP in Nottingham since 1983, working at the Hucknall Road Medical Centre. He has been involved in general practice education throughout his career, working at various times as a GP trainer, a course organiser at the Nottingham Vocational Training Scheme and an associate advisor in general practice with the East Midlands Deanery. He has been involved in commissioning since 2007 and his executive portfolio at Nottingham City CCG includes practice visits, protected learning times, research, children's commissioning and safeguarding.

The following people attend meetings of the CCG Governing Body as advisors:


Sally Seeley - Director of Quality and Personalisation

Sally Seeley

Sally took up the post of Director of Quality and Personalisation at the CCG in November 2015. She was Assistant Director of Quality Governance from the CCG's formation and was appointed as (Interim) Director of Quality and Performance at the CCG in September 2014. Sally previous worked as Assistant Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Nottingham City PCT and prior to this she has 10 years’ experience of working as a midwife and eight years working in clinical governance and risk across a number of secondary care providers. Sally leads on all areas of quality improvement, including safeguarding and patient experience, continuing care, mental health and acute commissioning and performance.

 Lucy Branson - Director of Corporate Development

Lucy Branson

Lucy Branson joined the CCG from her previous role of Assistant Director of Strategy and Assurance for Nottingham City PCT, which she had held since May 2010. Lucy is a Chartered Auditor and gained 12 years' experience working for East Midlands Independent Assurance Solutions across a range of primary and secondary care providers. Lucy leads on corporate governance, risk management, information governance, equality and diversity and organisational development.

The following people have been appointed as Associate Lay Members:

Jasmin Howell

Jasmine Howell

Jasmin Howell has more than ten years’ experience working in health and social care and adult learning. She currently works as Schools and Education Safeguarding Coordinator for Nottingham City Council’s Safeguarding Team and has previously held roles including Health and Social Care Lecturer, Children’s Residential Social Worker and Transition Learning Mentor. Jasmin is a qualified lifelong learning teacher and is passionate about providing the right environment, opportunities and support to enable people to reach their true potential. Jasmin is a member of the People's Council and the Quality Improvement Committee.

Janet Champion

Janet Champion

Janet is a human resources professional (FCIPD)and has worked for over 30 years at senior levels in central government departments including HMRC, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Cabinet Office. Most recently she led the human resources team managing the acquisition by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation Trust of West Middlesex Hospital Trust.

Janet also serves as a lay member on Nottingham North and East CCG and is a patient and public lay partner for Health Education East Midlands. She chairs the Primary Care Commissioning Panel and also sits on the Audit Committee and the Risk and Performance Committee.

Suma Harding

Suma Harding

Suma has extensive experience as a management consultant working with the public and private sectors. She has been a magistrate for 23 years working on the adult and youth benches and as an appraiser to her peers. Suma has recently been appointed as an independent member of Nottinghamshire Police and Crime, which scrutinises all aspects of the office of the Police Commissioner. Her other interests are with the Galleries of Justice and Nottingham Playhouse. Suma is a member of the Primary Care Commissioning Panel, Quality Improvement Committee and Audit Committee.

Sue Sunderland

Sue Sunderland

Sue has more than 30 years' experience of all aspects of audit, governance, financial and risk management across the public sector. Getting the best from public services has always been important to Sue. Building on her previous career with the Audit Commission and KPMG she is now working as a non-executive lay member with several organisations to help them deliver the best for their local population. Sue is a member of the Risk and Performance Committee and chairs the Resource Allocation & Prioritisation Panel.