Assessing health needs

NHS Nottingham City CCG recognises that is essential for us to fully understand the health needs of our population if we are to be successful in addressing health inequalities.
We produce an annual Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) in conjunction with the Local Authority. This identifies where inequalities exist and describes the future health and wellbeing needs of Nottingham City’s population. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment examines a variety of behavioural factors and the health needs for children, young people, families, and adults. Health needs and access to services are addressed for most protected groups. 
Targeted health needs assessments are also completed in areas where it is felt there is a lack of information. In recent years, this has resulted in JSNA chapters now being dedicated to homelessness, sex workers, offenders’ health and wellbeing, asylum seekers, refugee workers and migrant workers, maternities and pregnancies, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and carers.
These health needs assessments form a key part of the evidence base on which our commissioning decisions are made in order to improve health and well-being and reduce inequalities.