Equality Delivery System

Making Sure Everybody Counts

The NHS Equality Delivery System was introduced during late 2011 to help NHS organisations deliver better outcomes for patients and communities, and better working environments for staff, which are personal, fair and diverse with equality of opportunity and treatment for all.
It provides a framework for assessing an organisation’s equality performance (in line with legislative requirements) and is structured around four overarching goals: 
  • Better health outcomes for all.
  • Improved patient access and experience.
  • Empowered, engaged and included staff.
  • Inclusive leadership at all levels.
The Equality Delivery System requires NHS organisations to engage with their local populations and their workforce to determine performance through a grading process.

Implementing the Equality Delivery System in Nottingham City

NHS Nottingham City CCG has been involved in implementation of the Equality Delivery System since 2011/12 on behalf of the predecesor PCT.
A public event was held in January 2012 to provide an opportunity for patients and community members to share honestly and openly their views and personal experiences of equality and diversity issues in the local NHS. The event attracted 82 people, with all protected groups being represented. A patient survey was run for people unable to attend the event. The organisation's workforce was also engaged during January 2012 to gauge opinion on equality performance.
An Equality Delivery System Grading Panel made up of independent patient and staff representatives met during January 2012 in order to assess the organisation’s equality performance. The grading process took due regard of each of the protected characteristics. Click here to view the outcome of the grading process.
The Equality Delivery System assessment and grading process has enabled us to identify gaps in our equality performance and make plans for improvement.
Click here for more information on how these plans have been used to formulate the organisation’s strategic equality objectives covering the period April 2012 to March 2016. 

Download the Report on an Equality Desk Top Review of Governing Body papers April to November 2013. This report details an equality review of 20 papers submitted to the NHS Nottingham City CCG Governing Body, and associated minutes and documents, during the period April to November 2013.