Workforce monitoring

NHS Nottingham City CCG is committed to being a fair and inclusive employer. We recognise that employees are essential to the provision of high quality healthcare and we are committed to maintaining a working environment that promotes the health and well-being of our employees.
We have a full range of human resources policies that have been aligned with the Equalities Act 2010. All policies have had equality impact assessments completed and have been developed in partnership with staff-side representatives.
An Annual Staff Survey will be completed, which will be structured around the four pledges to staff in the NHS Constitution and addresses equality and diversity issues.  
Results of the surveys will be analysed in order to highlight any differences in experience reported by staff from some of the protected groups. It is anticipated that the reports will cover all protected groups in future years.
Workforce data will be analysed on a quarterly basis and an annual Workforce Equality and Diversity Monitoring Report will also be produced and published.
NHS Nottingham City CCG is not yet using the Competency Framework for Equality and Diversity Leadership (launched August 2011). However, an exercise will be conducted during 2012/13 in order to identify and address any potential gaps in equality and diversity leadership competency.