Clinical Council

NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group has established a Clinical Council, which exists as the Group’s main forum for clinical discussions. The Clinical Council is not a formally appointed committee of the Governing Body and, as such, it does not have any delegated decision-making powers. Instead, it operates in a clinical leadership and advisory capacity to the Governing Body (and its committees) and provides a clear mechanism for individual member practice and GP Cluster views to be fed into the Group’s decision-making processes.

The Clinical Council is comprised of representatives from each of the Group’s GP Clusters, proportionate to their overall registered patient list sizes. The Group’s senior management team also attend meetings, as required.

 Dr Hugh Porter - Chair, Clinical Lead and GP Cluster Lead (UNICOM)

Hugh Porter Hugh Porter qualified from Leicester in 1987. He completed his General Practice training in Nottingham before working in Australia. He became a GP partner at the University of Nottingham Health Service in 1993, where he continues to practice. Hugh has a personal interest in travel medicine, gaining an MSc in the subject in 1999. In 2009 he completed an MBA and in 2011 was elected Chair and Clinical Leader of the CCG. His executive portfolio includes being clinical lead for the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust contract and Emergency Care. Hugh is Chair of the UNICOM Cluster Board.

 Dr Margaret Abbott - GP Cluster Lead (Robin Hood)

Margaret Abbott Margaret has been a GP at the Windmill practice in Sneinton since 1988. The practice is particularly concerned with addressing the health needs of the most vulnerable in the community and has developed services in particular for people who are homeless, who have substance misuse problems, or who are migrants. Margaret has been involved in clinical commissioning since 2011 and leads on the development of the CCG’s practice visit programme where GPs visit their peers to engage them in what commissioning involves and how they can ensure that patients receive appropriate, high quality and cost effective services as close as possible to their home.

 Dr Arun Tangri - GP Cluster Lead (City Central)

Arun Tangri Arun Tangri is a GP at the Riverlyn Medical Centre in Bulwell, where he has practised for 22 years, and is Vice-Chair of the Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee. Arun is keen to address local inequalities and improve health outcomes and is involved in improving integrated services for care homes and developing stronger intermediate care services to provide earlier hospital discharge and care closer to home. Arun’s executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead for community services provided by Nottingham CityCare Partnership. Arun is Chair of the City Central Cluster Board.

 Dr Marcus Bicknell - GP Cluster Lead (Norcomm)

Marcus Bicknell Marcus has been a partner at the Beechdale Surgery for 14 years and is actively involved with the British Medical Association and Local Medical Committee. He specialises in treating drug and alcohol users, offenders and the mentally ill. He is the General Practitioners Committee prison GP rep and Secure Environment Group Chair for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Marcus studied medicine and completed his GP training in Nottingham and went on to work as a salaried GP with homeless patients. His executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead for mental health and learning disability services commissioned from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. Marcus is Chair of the Norcomm Cluster Board.

Audrey Watkiss - Practice Manager Lead

Audrey Watkiss LR Audrey has been working in primary care for the last 20 years and has been Practice Manager at Sherrington Park Medical Practice (Mansfield Road, Nottingham) for the last 12 years. She joined the CCG on 1 April 2014 as Practice Manager Lead. A central part of her role is to support practice managers and to provide the practice manager’s perspective to the executive in addition to communicating the CCG vision to the managers.
As well as sitting on the Clinical Council, Audrey is a member of the Co-ordinated Care Steering Group, which steers and oversees the transformation of community services and pathways to support the integrated care operating model across Nottingham City. She is also the NorComm representative for the Local Practice Managers group, linked to the Local Medical Council (LMC).

 Robana Hussain-Mills - Practice Nurse Lead

Robana Hussain-Mills NEW Robana has been working in primary care since 2005 and currently works as a practice nurse prescriber at SSAFA Southglade Health Centre in Bestwood. Her interest is in health communication and how nurses can improve this to give better quality care. A central part of Robana's role is to provide the practice nurse's perspective to the Clinical Council and to communicate the CCG vision to the nurses. Robana also works on issues relating to nurse training including long term conditions and sits on the medicine management board and Protected Learning Time board.

 Dr Alastair McLachlan - Clinical Lead for Safeguarding

Alastair McLachlan Alastair McLachlan has been a GP in Nottingham since 1983, working at the Hucknall Road Medical Centre. He has been involved in general practice education throughout his career, working at various times as a GP trainer, a course organiser at the Nottingham Vocational Training Scheme and an associate advisor in general practice with the East Midlands Deanery. He has been involved in commissioning since 2007 and his executive portfolio at Nottingham City CCG includes practice visits, protected learning times, research, children's commissioning and safeguarding. He is currently the Primary Care Director for the East Midlands Local Education Training Board.

 Dr Safiy Karim

Safiy Karim

Safiy Karim is a GP at the Limetree Surgery in Cinderhill and has practised in Nottingham City for 27 years. He has an MBA, a Public Health Masters and a Clinical Education Masters and has worked in Kosovo for the World Health Organisation. Safiy has a keen interest in the micro interface of patient and health care professionals in primary care and in looking at health outcomes and finding solutions to inequalities. He is also actively involved in charity events. His executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead for services commissioned from the Independent Sector Treatment Centre and cancer services. Safiy is Chair of the Robin Hood Cluster Board.

 Dr Om Sharma

Om Sharma Om Sharma is a GP at Greenfields Medical Centre in Hyson Green, where he has practised since 1980. He has a particular interest in supporting asylum seekers and is a founding member of the Deprived Area Doctors Association, of which he is currently Honorary Secretary. Om is also Director of the Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee. Before entering general practice, Om was an orthopaedic surgeon and his executive portfolio includes being the clinical contract lead on practice visits and peer support for the City Central Cluster, and chairing the British International Doctors Association.

 Dr Manik Arora

Manik Arora Manik has worked as a GP in Nottingham since 2006 and is currently a GP Partner at the Rivergreen Medical Centre in Clifton. He trained in India and did his GP training in Leicester. He has a specialist interest in diabetes and has a post-graduate diploma in diabetes from Cardiff University. He provides clinical support to the IT lead and is the CCG’s Clinical Lead for long-term conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. Manik is also the Executive Lead for the Integrated Care Programme, a joint initiative between health and social care.

 Dr Ian Trimble OBE

Ian Trimble Ian has been a GP in Sherwood, Nottingham, for 22 years. He has been engaged in planning local health services since 1993, and was involved in establishing local primary care groups and later primary care trusts. He was Chair of the PCT’s Professional Executive Committee from 2011 to 2012 and worked as an Advisor to the Department of Health from 1996 to 2011. Ian is a member of the national Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA), which advises ministers about how NHS resources should be allocated. He was awarded an OBE in 2005. Ian leads on Information Technology and Medicines Management.