Our vision and values

In May 2011, NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group, in conjunction with GPs, staff and patients, developed a vision to describe its purpose, along with a set of values that detail the key principles that will guide the organisation in achieving its vision.
Our vision and values

Our vision statement underpins everything that we do. It encapsulates our long-term vision and aspirations for future local healthcare as outlined in the introduction to our trategy.

It defines our purpose and what we aim to achieve for the benefit of local people and local healthcare services.

“We will work together with compassion and caring to improve health outcomes and end health inequalities through the provision of high quality, inclusive and value-for-money services that are patient-centred.”

Our values describe the approach we will take to all of our commissioning activities. We believe that harnessing a culture which embraces these values, both within our organisation and extending to partners and others who work with us, will stand us in the best possible stead to achieve our ambitions. 

Our values also reflect what member practices, staff, partners and local people have told us are the aspects most important to them. They will therefore enable us to be an organisation which operates in a way that best meets the expectations of the population we serve.

Involving others
We will actively involve patients and the public, carers, community groups, clinicians, and partners in everything that we do
Being responsive
We will understand and respond fairly to the changing needs of our diverse population
Improving quality
We will continually improve the quality of services through collaborative, innovative and clinically-led commissioning
Promoting education and development
We will support and encourage the education, training and development of the local workforce
Securing value for money
We will secure high quality, cost-effective and integrated services within available resources
Understanding our vision and organisational values
Our vision sets out our purpose and what we aim to achieve as an organisation. To ensure that this can be clearly communicated, we have recognised the need to further define some of the key terms we have used.
  • When we say that we aim to work together, we mean that we will work in partnership with our patients, carers, the wider population, Nottingham City Council, providers of health services within Nottingham City, and other organisations that plan and buy NHS services within the region.
  • When we refer to health outcomes, we mean a change in the health status of an individual, group or population.
  • When we refer to health inequalities, we mean the differences in the state of health between different population groups.
  • When we talk about high quality services, we mean services that ensure that patients are safe, have a good experience and receive the best possible treatment for their condition. This includes timely and equitable access to services, choice of how and where to be treated, and prioritising privacy, dignity and respect for all.
  • When we talk about inclusive services, we mean services that recognise and value difference regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • When we talk about value for money, we mean services that deliver the best possible health provision and outcomes for our local population within available resources.
  • When we say that services will be patient-centred, we mean that they will be clearly focussed on our patients’ requirements and that patients will be given a real voice in all decision-making processes. We are fully committed to being open, transparent and accountable to our population.
These definitions are further explored within our five organisational value statements, which describe our core priorities and commitments to patient involvement, quality improvement, innovation, education and addressing health needs.