Have Your Say

We are committed to involving all our communities in the work that we do. This includes involving people in how we make decisions, how we design services and how we review them.

Our engagement framework sets out how we will involve our communities. It includes:

Our People’s Council

Our People’s Council is a group that oversees our engagement plans and helps us involve the different communities we provide services for. It is made up of people who have experience of a range of health issues and people who work for local voluntary and community sector organisations. You can find out more about our People’s Council on our Peoples Council page.

Our Community Partners Programme

Our Community Partners Programme is made up of a range of different voluntary and community sector organisations who can engage with communities on our behalf. You can find out more about our Community Partners Programme from our Community Partners page.

Our Patient Leaders

Our Patient Leaders Programme supports local people who have experience of different health issues to become directly involved with the work of the CCG. For more infomation on our Patient Leaders vist our Patient Leaders page.

To find out about the work we have been doing to involve our communities read our annual engagement report.