Community Partners Programme

Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group are proud to launch a new Community Partners Programme.

The aim of the Community Partners Programme is to provide a framework for partnership between the CCG, VCSOs and local communities. This will enable VCSOs to apply to become a Community Partner for engagement. Being a Community Partner means that you can be asked to carry out engagement funded by the CCG, with the communities that you work with. The nature of the engagement required will depend on the CCG’s requirements for any given period. The CCG will also work with Community Partners to undertake engagement with seldom heard groups throughout each year.

The Community Partners Programme is a partnership and not a contracted service. Organisations that join the programme become part of a providers’ framework for engagement and can be contracted to undertake specific engagement activity, which will be defined and agreed within a Proposal Acceptance Form. Being part of the programme does not obligate the CCG to offer contracted work to your organisation.

We would like to invite local VCSOs to apply to become a community partner.

Read more about the way pdfcommunity partnerships work.