The way we live in modern society means a lot of us, especially our children, have fallen into unhealthy habits. This means all of us need to make small changes to eat well, move more, and live longer. 

NHS Nottingham City is working to promote Change4Life locally. Halting the rise in child obesity is a priority for Nottingham and the national initiatives will help with the work we are already doing to encourage families to lead healthier lifestyles, such as Cycling for Health and Get Fit for Free.  We will be using the Change4Life consumer research to promote key messages and create and improve specific services that fit with our child obesity programme.

Change4Life is all about making small changes for a healthier future. Eight easy ways to Change4Life are: 60 active minutes, 5 a day, sugar swaps, snack check, me sized meals, meal time, cut back fat and up and about.

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Directory of Healthy Living Opportunities

This document includes information on a wide range of physical activity and healthy eating opportunities for children, young people and families.

altDirectory of Healthy Living Opportunities