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Blood in pee

I have recently noticed that I have blood in my pee and I’m a bit embarrassed about going to my doctor, could it be something serious?

First of all, there is no reason to be embarrassed about there being blood in your urine, or going to see your doctor about anything that is concerning you or is unusual – believe me, we have seen it all many times and anything you share with your GP is completely confidential.

Even if you have only noticed blood in your urine once, it is definitely worth going to your GP to get it checked out. It may be that your symptoms are just an infection which can be easily diagnosed and treated by your GP who can test a sample of your urine. It could also be a sign of kidney or bladder stones in which case you may be referred to hospital for more tests.

However, it is also possible that blood in your urine is a symptom of kidney or bladder cancer. This is especially so if you are middle aged or older and early diagnosis of this makes the cancer much easier to treat. Symptoms of kidney cancer may include a pain at the back below the ribs at the side that doesn’t go away and symptoms of bladder cancer can include needing to pee often or urgently and feeling pain whilst peeing. If you notice any of these symptoms along with blood in your urine, contacting your doctor as soon as possible will put your mind at ease and could save your life.

Cancer is one of the health priorities we are working on in Nottingham. Of course we want to improve cancer services and treatments but we also want to diagnose cancer earlier. Survival rates are on the increase, but the sooner we spot cancer the sooner we can treat it meaning a recovery is much more likely – so if in doubt, check it out!

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