Reducing Infections

Reducing healthcare associated infection is a top priority across all healthcare settings in Nottingham. A key way to stop the spread of infections is through washing your hands properly - and we are ensuring that all our clinical staff receive hand hygiene training every year.

Another important way to reduce healthcare-associated infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile is to ensure the healthcare setting is kept clean and free from excess clutter.

A lot of work is ongoing to ensure the health centres are being cleaned to national standards. Every three months the Domestic Supervisors assess the health centres on a rolling programme to ensure they meet standards. If you have any concerns that any healthcare site you have visited is not being cleaned effectively then please raise your concerns with the health centre reception staff. Unless we know of your concerns we cannot ensure we address them.

Targets have been set by the government to reduce the numbers of infections from Clostridium difficile and MRSA. NHS Nottingham City monitors the numbers of infections caused by these bacteria.

It is important that we prevent infections but we also need to manage infections properly to prevent complications later. Making sure we use antibiotics properly is an important part of managing infections. The following points are the main ones with regard to their use:

  • They do not work against colds, flu or other infections caused by viruses
  • If prescribed the full course needs to be taken even if you feel well before the end of the course
  • Do not share or save antibiotics
  • You can expect to receive antibiotics only when necessary
  • Over use is recognised as the main reason for the development of resistant bacteria
  • There is a risk that if overuse continues there will be no effective antibiotics left.

Information concerning health care acquired infections can be found on the following websites:

Locally information can be obtained from your healthcare professional e.g. doctor/nurse and they can liaise with the Infection Prevention and Control Team if more in-depth information is required.