Sexual health

It wasn’t me. It was the drink!

Many young people utter these words after a night out drinking large amounts of alcohol, carrying on until they vomit, pass out or do something they really regret such as having unprotected sex or being in a situation they can't deal with.

Many young people drink because their friends are doing it, but they don’t realise the consequences. If things go wrong they could end up with more than a hangover; there is an increased chance that they will catch a sexually transmitted infection such as Chlamydia or become pregnant.
  • 20% of boys and 13% of girls aged 15-19 say alcohol is the main reason they first had sex* – but you’re more likely to regret it if you’ve been drinking.
  • 40% of young people who have had sex say they haven’t used contraception on at least one occasion due to drinking or taking drugs**
  • A recent survey revealed that 11% of 15-16 year-olds had had unprotected sex while drunk.
  • Young people who drink are far more likely to compromise their personal safety, walking home alone or trusting others too easily.

*Survey Commissioned by Channel 4 for the series ‘Generation Sex’, 2001.

**The Centre for Sexual Health Research, Brook Publications, 2000.