About the programme

Achievements to date

The Integrated Care programme has been running since 2013. Much progress has been made during this time. Some of the important achievements made so far are listed here.

  1. Eight care delivery groups have been set up across the city, bringing together groups of GP practices, multi-disciplinary teams and social care link workers.
  2. New care co-ordinator roles have been established, supporting the care delivery groups. These non-clinical roles help staff navigate health and social care community services, co-ordinating appropriate support for patients and reducing the administrative burden for clinicians.
  3. Multi-disciplinary meetings are taking place in GP practices, ensuring the appropriate level of intervention to support management in the community.
  4. Information sharing agreements are in place to support joined-up working across health and social care.
  5. Reablement teams have aligned their processes so that patients will have timely access to reablement services, helping more people retain their independence at home.
  6. Skills training proposals are being developed for the workforce so that colleagues within health and social care services are able to deliver services in the right place at the right time.
  7. The online telecare referral system has been upgraded to enable telehealth referrals – this is believed to be the first (non-supplier) joint telecare and telehealth system in the UK.
  8. Mapping of existing self-care support in Nottingham has been completed – a total of 486 different self-care activities have been identified.
  9. An implementation plan is being progressed for simpler access and navigation through services via integration of Nottingham Health and Care Point.
  10. Clear and consistent communications on the programme have been developed, including the regular newsletter ‘Connecting Care’ and animated videos on the theme of integrated services.