Assistive technology

There are exciting plans in place in the world of technology to help citizens benefit from specialist IT support – and in Nottingham City we are rolling out the Assistive Technology Project for Adult Integrated Care which will bring the telecare system (social care) and telehealth (health services) into one place.

The telecare system provides a range of equipment designed to help people remain safe and independent. It can provide support and reassurance or help a person to manage everyday tasks.

Telehealth is a system that allows patients to give information such as their blood pressure and heart rate readings to clinicians on a regular basis from the comfort of their own home.

In Nottingham City Telecare and Telehealth services are coming together into a single integrated service to support local people with a wide range of social and health care needs. As well as benefiting patients, integrating the existing services will mean less confusion for staff.

More information is available in the leaflets below, while the video shows how telehealth equipment has helped one patient in Nottingham City.

pdfAbout the telehealth service

pdfTelehealth successes: patient stories

pdfCleaning your Telehealth equipment

pdfIntegrated assistive technology services

Telehealth in action: Stephanie's story

For a better understanding of how Telehealth works in Nottingham City watch this short 'telehealth in action' video. It tells the story of how telehealth equipment - along with support from a community nurse and the monitoring centre - helped a stroke patient return to living a full and independent life.

This video shows how telehealth worked for one stroke patient. Telehealth can support patients with a wide range of conditions including COPD, heart failure and diabetes.

Click here to view this video on YouTube with subtitles.

Assistive technology evaluation


A two-year external evaluation of the assistive technology workstream was commissioned from the company Cordis Bright with the final report produced in April 2016. The evaluation
considered the views of service users, carers and staff through questionnaires and interviews. In addition, a cost effectiveness study was undertaken with patients consenting for their hospital, social care and GP records to be analysed over different time periods. pdfDownload the executive summary here.

For a copy of the full evaluation report please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.