Programme board

The Integrated Care Programme Board is overseeing the delivery of integration and is a commissioning-led group which is accountable to the Health and Wellbeing Board. The Programme Board has representatives from the CCG, Nottingham City Council, CityCare, NUH, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust and the third sector. The Programme Board is accountable for the transformation and delivery of community services through the new Integrated Care operating model across Nottingham City.

The programme board members are as follows:

Joanne Williams, Programme Manager for Adult Integrated Care (Chair)

jo williams

Maria Principe, Director of Primary Care Development and Service Integration


Helen Jones, Director for Adult Social Care

Helen Jones

Phyllis Brackenbury, Director of Operations and Transformation

Manik Arora, GP Executive Lead Long Term Conditions

manik arora

Mindy Bassi, Head of Medicines Management

Mindy Bassi

Mary Corcoran, Consultant in Public Health

Mary Corcoran

Lucy Davidson, Assistant Director of Commissioning - Mental Health, Children and Families Services

Jonathan Harte, GP

Jonathan Harte

Lynette Daws, Assistant Director of Primary Care Development

Lynette Daws

Colin Monckton, Director of Commissioning Policy and Insight

colin moncton

Ruth Rigby, Managing Director, Healthwatch

Gemma Poulter, Interim Health Integration Manager

Hazel Wigginton, Assistant Director of Community Services and Integration

Hazel Wigginton 2

Charu Tangri, GP

Steve Upton, Assistant Director of Urgent Care and Transformation

Antony Dixon, Strategic Commissioning Manager