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Local information sharing featured in national report

Improved ways of sharing information between health and social care organisations in Nottingham have been highlighted in a new national report.

The city is leading the way in encouraging health and social care professionals to work more closely together and improve patient care through an Integrated Care programme run by Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham CityCare Partnership and partner organisations.

As part of the programme, guidance was produced aimed at educating staff about when it is appropriate to share patient information between organisations, with case studies demonstrating successful approaches.

This guidance has now been held up as an example of national best practice in the Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel’s annual report to the Secretary of State for Health .

The report states: “It (the guidance) was well received by key staff in the care delivery programme and is used by them as an authoritative source facilitating better information sharing, which will ultimately provide for better patient/citizen care.”

The Panel, chaired by Dame Fiona Caldicott, has a national remit to advise, challenge and report on the state of information governance across the health and care system in England. This is the first annual report produced by the Panel and it is a credit to Nottingham that local work has been profiled in this way.

Dr Manik Arora, a GP in Clifton who was involved in putting together the guidance, said: “The right information can help improve the care our patients receive and even save lives. We fully respect patient confidentiality but we are also trying to raise awareness that in the vast majority of situations, information sharing for the purpose of direct care will improve patient care. It is pleasing to see that our efforts on this issue are attracting national attention.”

The Integrated Care programme began implementation in January 2014 and is starting to deliver more efficient and connected health and social care service across the city. Eight Care Delivery Groups, established as part of the programme, comprising of GP practices and neighbourhood teams of health and social care staff, are now working together, providing seamless care and helping keep more people healthier in the community and out of hospital.

Published: 15 January 2015