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Be confident carers during national carers’ week


With more and more relatives looking after young family during the day, it’s important to understand how best to deal with any accidents.


Spending time with older relatives can be very beneficial to children and this invaluable support network contributes massively to the UK economy, saving around £4 billion. But looking after toddlers, especially when there’s a scrape, an unexplained rash or a tumble in the playground, can make caring even more challenging. To help prevent that ‘sick feeling in the pit of your stomach’ it’s a good idea to know the best place to go if anything happens to a child in your care.

Being prepared helps, so here’s a handy guide:

  • Grazed knees and sore throats are best treated at home with a first aid kit, lots of rest, quiet and fluids plus some cuddles.
  • Diarrhoea, runny noses, coughs or skin irritation would benefit from a trip to the pharmacy. These healthcare professionals can help advise on the best treatment for all ages, but particularly for under 5s, who may need specialist medicine.
  • Vomiting, ear pain or stomach ache? The GP or health visitor is the best person to see. Parents will have the contact details. Simply make a note next time they drop the child off.
  • If it’s urgent – for example a cut that may need stitches or a bite that looks infected – simply log onto and put your location or postcode into the Urgent Care search box to find your nearest NHS facility.
  • If you’re not sure and would like to talk to someone, call NHS111. If you’ve not used it before, simply dial 111 – it’s free from a landline or mobile.

Hugh Porter, a GP and Clinical Chair of Nottingham City CCG, said: “Looking after energetic toddlers can be tough – even more so when they inevitably take a tumble or get more than they bargained for when exploring on a walk. Understanding where to go if anything does happen offers peace of mind.

“Knowing the right NHS service to go to often means you’ll be seen more quickly and have a better experience. can be accessed on a smartphone so even if you’re out and about you can still find the right NHS care. Or download the NHS Nottingham Health App for health advice and information in Nottingham City.”

Published: 9 June 2015