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National report highlights best practice in Nottingham City

A programme of integrating health and social care in Nottingham City has been named among the leading schemes in the country in a new national report.

The Local Government Association (LGA) picked out the work in Nottingham City alongside six other case study sites featured in their new report, The Journey to Integration - Learning from the seven leading localities. Their independent report details the experience of seven places in England in developing integrated care, examining each against a range of factors, including how care is delivered, leadership and the workforce.

The Integrated Care programme is run by Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Nottingham City Council, working alongside a number of partner organisations which provide health and social care. It aims to provide seamless care and help keep more people healthier in the community and out of hospital.

The report states: “Across the country most areas are now pursuing a vision for integration to deliver better sustainable health and care to respond to the pressure of an ageing population, gaps in care today, and the tight fiscal environment. Starting locally, some areas have led the way, demonstrating the potential to do things differently: investing more in prevention and community based care, (and) reducing unnecessary hospital activity.”

The report picks out Nottingham City for its progressive work in identifying patients/citizens who are most at risk of emergency admissions to hospital and joining up health and social care around their individual needs, helping to keep them at home or in the community.

The report highlights the use of telehealth and telecare in Nottingham City supporting patients with a wide range of conditions and complexities. The devices support patient education and enable patients to send readings they have taken themselves or answer questions to monitor their condition.

It also references the introduction of new ‘care co-ordinator’ roles in Nottingham City. These new staff roles remove administration from nurses and doctors and help link up health and social care services around the needs of individuals.

Maria Principe, Director of Cluster Development and Performance, Nottingham City CCG, said: “We have been progressing integrated care in the city for several years now and it is very rewarding for all involved to see our innovative work being held up with peers as among the best in the country.”

Helen Jones, Director of Adult Social Services, said: “It’s vital that local authorities work closely with NHS commissioners to ensure our citizens get the best possible, joined-up services that meet their needs. I’m pleased that Nottingham is being recognised for its work to improve the lives of people in our city.”

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Published: 10 May 2016