Pathways and referrals

Home oxygen service

The CCG’s new Home Oxygen Service – Assessment and Review (HOS-AR) is now live. 

Managed by Nottingham CityCare Partnership, the service is available to all patients registered with a Nottingham City GP. It provides assessments to ensure patients use their oxygen safely, and accepts new referrals as well as reviewing patients currently on oxygen. All the staff have specialist knowledge and training in all aspects of home oxygen provision.

The service:
  • Offers assessments within community clinics or, where appropriate, in people’s own homes.
  • Provides ongoing support and education for patients.
  • Has a dedicated telephone service to answer all home oxygen queries.
  • Is available for all patients with respiratory conditions including cluster headaches and palliative care patients.
Any health care professional can refer in to the service. For new patients starting on home oxygen or any existing patients give the service a call on 0115 8833622. The HOS-AR Team will be able to tell you if the patient is already on home oxygen and what flow rates/type of delivery they have, or you can refer to the team and they will do the rest! Alternatively, complete a referral form and fax it to 0115 8833422. Download the referral form here.

NOTE there is no need for your practice to complete a Part A HOOF; this will be organised by the HOS-AR Team.

To make a referral call 0115 883 3622 or complete a referral form and fax it to 0115 883 3422. For any further information, call the Home Oxygen Service Administrator on 0115 883 3622.