Your pharmacy services

Pharmacists are highly qualified healthcare professionals, who offer a wide range of services including advice on medicines and other health problems. A pharmacy is often the first point of call for all your health needs and it could save you a trip to your GP.
You do not need to register or make an appointment and you can use any pharmacy that is convenient for you. However, it is a good idea to use one pharmacy regularly to build-up a relationship with them. They can also keep a record of all the medicines you take.

If you wish to speak in private, the pharmacist will be happy to find a quiet area where you can talk. Your pharmacist will be able to give you advice on the use of medicines that are prescribed or sold, including how to take them and a description of any side effects. Ask your pharmacist if there are any medicines you should avoid, otherwise you might take a mixture of medicines that could be harmful when taken together.

Tell your pharmacist:

  • what the problem is and what your symptoms are
  • what medicines you are already taking
  • if you are allergic to anything
  • if you are pregnant or breast feeding

All of the following services are available from the pharmacy.  Please ask your pharmacist.

  • dispensing
  • repeat dispensing
  • signposting
  • self-care advice
  • disposal of old or unwanted medicine
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle

Some of the following services may also be available from your pharmacy:

  • Medicines use review
  • Pharmacy First
  • Services to substance misuse clients
  • Emergency hormonal contraception (‘the morning after pill’)
  • Stop smoking clinics
  • Healthy Start voucher scheme

Electronic Prescription Service documents for pharmacists:

Dispensing Token Distribution Plan

Nomination Guidance