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Joint Commissioning Committee

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The Greater Nottingham Joint Commissioning Committee is a joint committee of NHS Nottingham City CCG, NHS Nottingham North and East CCG, NHS Nottingham West CCG and NHS Rushcliffe CCGs. 

The Greater Nottingham CCGs have delegated certain functions to the Committee however, the individual CCGs will remain accountable for meeting their statutory duties and each CCG retains liability in relation to the exercise of the delegated functions.

The Committee will make quarterly written reports to the Governing Bodies of the Greater Nottingham CCGs to provide assurance that it is effectively discharging its delegated responsibilities.

The Committee will have responsibility for:

  • Developing an aligned vision, values and set of strategic objectives for the Greater Nottingham CCGs, recognising each CCG’s specific local needs.
  • Developing, overseeing and managing the delivery of Commissioning Strategies and Operational Plans of the Greater Nottingham CCGs.
  • Exercising all commissioning related functions on behalf of the Greater Nottingham CCGs, including but not limited to, the requirements to improve the quality of commissioned services and to reduce inequalities.
  • Overseeing and managing the health commissioning aspects of the health and care system transformation plan in Greater Nottingham
    Overseeing and managing all financial matters relating to the commissioning of services in the Greater Nottingham area, including the development and approval of the Greater Nottingham Financial Recovery Plan.
  • Overseeing and managing performance against the Standards set out in the NHS Constitution and any other nationally set, or locally agreed, performance indicators.
  • Supporting the delivery of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Strategies on behalf of the Greater Nottingham CCGs.
  • Working with NHS England on ensuring that commissioning is joined up and collaborative across primary and specialist care under existing arrangements.
  • Develop, oversee and manage delivery of equality objectives on behalf of the Greater Nottingham CCGs.
  • Overseeing and managing risks in line with the Greater Nottingham CCGs’ integrated risk management framework.

Further information on dates, agendas and papers and the board members of the Greater Nottingham Joint Commissioning Committee.

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