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Safeguarding Children

NHS Nottingham City is committed to all policy, procedures and practice which safeguard children and young people, and promote their welfare. This is a statutory duty under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004 and in accordance with government guidance, Working Together 2010. The following arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with these requirements:

  • NHS Nottingham City meets statutory requirements with regard to Safe Recruitment.
  • NHS Nottingham City Safeguarding Children policies and systems are up to date and in accordance with national and local requirements.
  • NHS Nottingham City ensures that providers of commissioned services have policies in place for children who miss outpatient appointments, so that their care and health are not adversely affected.
  • All eligible staff have been offered an appropriate level of safeguarding children training commensurate with their duties, including Independent Contractors. The e-learning for healthcare system and the National Learning Management (ESR) system offers an additional resource to support this. There is a training policy in place which reflects national competencies and recommendations.
  • NHS Nottingham City has designated professionals who lead on issues in relation to Safeguarding. They receive appropriate training and are clear about their roles and responsibilities.
  • The Assistant Director of Quality Governance is the lead for Safeguarding Children and represents the organisation on the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board.
  • There are robust performance and contract monitoring arrangements in place which include safeguarding children and young people. These apply to primary and secondary care providers, and Independent Contractors. NHS Nottingham City Board receives assurance that controls established to safeguard children are operating effectively, for example by receiving an annual report and regular updates.

Are you worried about a child's well-being?

Click here to get advice and information on what to do if you are worried about a child's wellbeing.

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